What is the Best Steel Tip Dart? (For Perfect Throws and More Wins)

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Two players usually contest the game of darts. The common objective is to reduce the fixed score (typically 501 or 301) to zero. The final dart should land in the bull’s eye or a double segment to win.

But here’s the catch: the dart’s tip material plays an essential role in winning the game. Darts with steel tips are the preference of professional players.

Why? The steel tip darts are highly balanced, durable, and comfortable to throw, making them perfect for any dart play lover and even aspiring dart players.

When getting steel tip darts, be sure to consider their weight and type, not to mention the suitable shafts and barrel for a smooth release and better grip.

With thousands of darts on the market, getting the best one is quite challenging.

Here are some of the best steel tip darts for you.

Quick Glance: Best Steel Tip Dart

Steel Tip Dart Best Feature
#1. Wolftop Steel Tip Pack Overall 
#2. IgnatGames Professional Darts Set Extra accuracy
#3. LANNEY Professional Darts Multipurpose 
#4. WIMSDART Steel Darts Set Quality 
#5. CC-Exquisite Steel Tip Set Gifting 


Best Steel Tip Dart Boards – Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Wolftop Steel Tip Pack

The Wolftop dart shaft is designed with solid aluminum and an anodized finish. Also, it’s more durable compared to PVC rods.

It’s made with locking holes to give you extra leverage of tightening the shaft to the barrel.

The high-quality brass steel barrel offers a unique styling and good balance. Its strategically set knurling and deep grooves provide excellent grip points and enhance control.

Whether playing for fun or a professional dart play, the darts should fit the bill. The dart weighs only 18-grams for hassle-free throwing. Furthermore, the 15-steel tip pack comes in a round jar, so you don’t have to worry about where to store the darts.

The set features five thick style flights and a sharpener to resharpen your dart points when playing on a dry or used dartboard. Not to mention, the O-ring rubber installed on dart shafts prevents them from loosening while gaming.

The product is backed up with a 100 percent money guarantee service that you will love.

 2. Best for Extra Accuracy: IgnatGames Professional Darts Set

This metal set features an innovative case with a unique design and magnetic closure, making it the best storage place for many darts.

Its beautiful EVA foam inner design protects darts from scratches and loss. Moreover, this bristle darts set makes a perfect gift for all dart fans.

This twenty-gram professional steel set with knurled plan brass barrels gives a firm grip for raised precision.

The dart set’s strong aluminum shafts will not break or bend. Its fitted O-rings rubber increases tightness when gaming.

This package comes with six stylish darts,16 uniquely designed flights, a darts wrench, and a sharpener to help reshape darts tips, preventing bounce-outs.

These strong metal darts help improve your confidence and skills by giving optimum stability and lift.

The product is perfect for professional and casual players; ten beautifully-made extra-colored flights also accompany it.

The free step-by-step eBook features darts scored templates, illustrations, and essential tips to perfect your mechanism. Besides, you can buy it differently for Kindle.

3. Best for Multipurpose: LANNEY Professional Darts

These steel darts are ideal for bristle/sisal dart boards use. Its metal tip makes it great for a man cave and other multiple functions such as gaming competitions at the game room, home, college dorm, bars, clubs, office, and casual plays.

The set is packed in a long-lasting round jar, making it easy for you to store and even carry. Additionally, the jar protects the darts from moisture and dust.

It’s suitable for dart beginners, casual, and pro players. The steel tip bundle makes it the best gift for birthday, Christmas, and gifting occasions as it comes ready to use.

The product is available in 20-gram and 24-gram ideal weights, giving precise throws and excellent balance.

Its precision design provides superior control and delicate hand-feeling along with the darts.

The darts improve throwing accuracy, thus raising chances of attaining high scores and significantly improved skills.

The package features deep grooves and a strategically knurled brass barrel giving excellent grip points. With its detachable design, you can make separate setups.

Furthermore, its shafts are designed with unbreakable 40mm aluminum and an O-ring placed around the 2BA thread for raised tightness and emergency backups.

Its smooth flight provides pinpoint accuracy and drag-free consistent flight paths. The sharp needle ensures that tips stick to the dartboard and have no bounce-outs.

The darts include slim flight, twelve darts for practice, a wrench for loosening and tightening tips, a sharpener for sharp darts, and a flight protector to keep the flight’s shape.

4. Best Quality: WIMSDART Steel Darts Set

The package comes with 22g x12 darts, twelve pieces of plastic shafts, two different styles of 18 standard flights, a darts sharpener, and a beautiful gift box.

This set is designed with quality anti-slip iron barrels to give exceptional styling and balance; each dart weighs at a strong 22-grams.

Besides, it has a flight protector that maintains its shape, giving it more balance.

The featured pieces were crafted and designed for optimum grip, balance, speed, and weight.  Also, the included sharpener helps you cut the air with ultra-dynamic clarity.

Its elegant and beautiful gift box makes it easy for you to store and carry. Luckily, each dart has its selected storage place.

Are you planning to gift a friend or have a gifting occasion? This package makes the perfect gift, so don’t mind getting an extra bundle.

With its good grip and balance, many overlapping curves make it easier to hit your target. Its aluminum shafts are not easily breakable as well.

5. Best for Gifting: CC-Exquisite Steel Tip Set

The CC-Exquisite makes the best combination of shafts, flight, and barrel to discover the best arrangement like a pro. Plus, it’s made to be the perfect choice for future champions.

It also features a 22g x 6 unbreakable quality barrel, two lengths (35mm/6 x 6 x 48mm) of 12 more lasting aluminum shafts, twelve flights in 2 different designs and shapes (6 standard/6 slim), twelve O-rings to prevent loosening, multiple-use dart tools, slim case, and darts sharpener.

Its multi-option setup helps to find the best setup style. Creating a Custom Accessory Configuration makes it possible to find a combination that suits your ability and style.

After experimenting with the darts, the best setup depends on each individual’s desire. Try different combinations on your set to find out which one works best for you.

However, discover a comfortable setup to leave your friends bragging about your throwing skills.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more frustrating than darts not bouncing off, sticking, or even flying smoothly all over.

Besides, you cannot be a professional dart player without putting a lot of effort into practicing to level up your skills. With the help of the best steel tip darts, be sure to take your dart skills to the next level.

Playing darts is more entertaining and can make your evening busy. Therefore, getting quality steel-tip darts is ideal.


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Jason Greeves

Darts are more than just a bar game. It requires concentration and an hand-eye coordination gift from heaven.
But it also takes a good board to get really good. And no one knows dart boards more than me.

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Darts are more than just a bar game. It requires concentration and an hand-eye coordination gift from heaven.
But it also takes a good board to get really good. And no one knows dart boards more than me.

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