What is Best to Hang Behind a Dart Board? 6 Best Dart Board Wall Protectors for Peaceful Play

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All dart lovers know the damage caused when the flight misses the board. So, it’s essential to ensure that your surroundings and walls are protected.

Feel free to mount your dart on the walls with the best backings for maximum protection. Furthermore, the wall protectors have a catchy appearance and are fancy.

These wall protectors are readily available in the market. However, their size and materials may vary.

Considering plenty of features, making the proper selection might be challenging. 

Here are the top picks for you to consider.

Quick Glance: Best Dart Board Wall Protector

Wall Protector Best Feature
#1. Viper Defender III Dartboard Wall Protector Easy to Assemble
#2. Dart-Stop Professional Blackboard Design 
#3. Viper Metropolitan Wood Cabinet  Self-closing 
#4. Viper Guardian Dartboard wall Protector  Design 
#5. IgnatGames Wall Protectors Reliable 
#6. Cork Dart Board Backer Surface area


Best Dart Board Wall Protectors -Top Picks

1. Best To Assemble: Viper Defender III Dartboard Wall Protector

This protector is made of a high-quality V-Foam surrounding the dartboard for superb protection. Its six inches piece build-up takes you less time to assemble.

The wall protector features a durable and rugged defender that will stand even the most wicked throws.

Its pure black color perfectly matches any decor and viper dartboard. Also, its enlarged profile covers an astounding  8.2 square feet.

You can confidently slide around the existing 17.75-inch and an 18-inch dartboard with a secure and snug fit. Moreover, it gives more 5-inch protection around the dartboard.

Save yourself hundreds on floor and wall repair since the darts won’t stick to your wall in the presence of this Defender.

It’s engineered to fit well when compressed to the board and wall. Therefore, no tool or installation hardware is required.

With the seductive velvet surface, your game will look professional and sophisticated. It’s completely reversible for long-lasting protection; also, it doesn’t include a dartboard.

2. Best Design: Dart-Stop Professional Backboard

This professional dartboard was proudly made in the United States in 2004. It has a plush fabric that makes it durable.

The 36-inch blackboard gives you extra protection; it enhances your dart encounter, has a symmetrical dartboard surround, and reduces bounce-outs.

It features two measurements, steel-reinforced wall mounting points, hardware, plus easy instructions.

Furthermore, it provides a solid three-quarter-inch thick wood and one-inch overall protection.

Its plush finishing is a no-dart-hole finish; the pre-installed recessed gives a wobble-free bracket. Therefore, no wood end is being marred by the darts.

Hang the electronic dartboard with the native hardware and the mounting method. See the Viper by GLD, Arachnid Cricket Pro 650, and Gran Board 3 images.

You will love how the soft-tip darts don’t stick on the backboard.

3. Best Self-Closing: Viper Metropolitan Wood Cabinet 

The Viper wood cabinet features a black felt-lining giving a luxurious appearance that complements the cabinet’s good end. It’s available in four wood finishes (oak, cinnamon, mahogany, and espresso).

This product is crafted with 100 percent solid pine for durability, box joints to keep the doors moving smooth and firm, and bronze hinges. However, it makes a great addition to the look of any room.

The two fitted compact stoppers help protect the cabinets and dartboard from door shut slamming.

It features 27.5” W x 42” L x 3.5” D  open dimension and 27.5” W x 21” L x 3.5” D closed dimension.

Closing the door is easy, thanks to the self-closing hinges that allow you to push the door gently. 

The set comes with a dry erase scoreboard placed on the inside right cabinet door, an out-chart board placed on the inside left cabinet door for shot reference and fast scoring, and mounting hardware.

This protector accommodates all of the official tournament-sized bristle/sisal dartboards.

The complete staple-free viper dartboard is built from self-healing sisal, and bristle fibers pressed together, giving unmatched durability.

Its package comes with a set of Viper Black Mariah twenty-two-gram steel tip darts built with black-coated brass barrels to give an exceptional style and balance.

The concentrated light of the Viper laser toe/throw marker allows it to be used in daylight. Plus, it gives a clutter-free room by removing adhesive floor markers.

4. Best Quality: Viper Guardian Dartboard Wall Protector 

The Guardian dartboard wall protector is easy and fast to set up. No tools are required; simply slide the surround straight to your dartboard, and it will be ready to go.

It’s compatible with 17.75 inches steel-tip wall protector (doesn’t fit 18-inch dartboards). In addition, it features extra 5-inch protection on both sides of the dartboard.

This dartboard is built with a high-density Polyshield Foam designed to undergo heavy use to ensure it’ll last. Besides, it has an inch thick EVA Foam to ensure that darts can’t penetrate the walls; thus, no extra holes appear.

The product is available in 5 dynamic colors, making it a great match to any decor. Its profile guards an astonishing 2.7 square feet.

5. Best Reliable: IgnatGames Wall Protectors

This high-density IgnatGames wall protector quickly catches and keeps the darts, preventing bounce-outs and ugly marks on floors and walls.

Installing it is easy; assemble its pieces in any arrangement without using any tools. Also, it measures 40.95-inch high and 27.95-inch wide.

This backboard wall is compatible with most standard dartboards of 17.7-inch to 18-inch diameter. Besides being easy to store and carry, it also features a complete-colored cardboard case.

The backboard perfectly blends with any decor. It also features a free-throwing line sticker too.

This stylish and minimalistic set has an inch thick self-healing wall protector to enhance the room’s look. 


6. Best Surface Area: Cork Dart Board Backer

This backer is made of 100 percent cork material that is environmentally friendly and renewable. And it protects the wall and darts from damage.

The dartboard’s natural material reduces signs of wear and allows easy sticking of darts. It has a large surface that protects the darts and the wall by preventing bouncing.

It also gives a 0.5”x24x36 protection and does not feature mounting hardware. In case of permanent mounting, you will be required to use contact cement.

Final Thoughts

Dartboards are the real deal for you; they give the best protection to your walls and surroundings.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced dart player, you will always need a dartboard wall protector in your home.

With the above tips, selecting the best dartboard backboard for yourself should be easy.




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Jason Greeves

Darts are more than just a bar game. It requires concentration and an hand-eye coordination gift from heaven.
But it also takes a good board to get really good. And no one knows dart boards more than me.

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Darts are more than just a bar game. It requires concentration and an hand-eye coordination gift from heaven.
But it also takes a good board to get really good. And no one knows dart boards more than me.

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